Louisiana 4-H has a new regional representative on their committee, 16 year-old Clay LeBlanc of Iberville Parish. 

LeBlanc, an incoming junior at St. John High School, has been a part of the organization for the past eight years. He has been heavily involved in 4-H by attending camps and being on boards such as the Citizenship Board during his freshmen year, which helps with service learning throughout the state.

"Because we have a really great agent I get to be very involved and do all kinds of different things," he said.

Most recently, he was named as one of the four Southwest Regional Representatives, who will serve on the Louisiana State Executive Board for the next year. Regional representatives are elected by their peers, serving as ambassadors of 4-H where they will assist in planning and implementing statewide programs. Representatives will meet three times a year to plan various activities such as 4-H University and have numerous opportunities for teaching and learning experiences.

"This made me feel pretty good. I was glad I got on another board because I feel really involved again, get to go do different things and go to different camps. I am just excited about it."

The 16 year-old said he is excited to see what the next year holds and is excited to meet other representatives and help the State of Louisiana with the 4-H program.