Plaquemine Mayor Ed Reeves provided updates on a few city projects to his Board of Selectmen at their regular meeting on Tuesday, July 11.

Reeves informed city Selectmen that the proposed closure for the Quiet Zone project at Railroad Ave. and West Street, located outside city limits, is off the table.

“West Street is no longer a part of our equation,” Reeves said.  “We actually had no authority over West Street to start with.  It has been eliminated from our Quiet Zone.”

As reported by the Post South in May, the Quiet Zone installation requires the closure of some train crossings and upgrades at others.  Now, after some public outcry, Reeves is focusing solely on the four crossings within the city limits.

The four crossings include: Plaquemine, Desobry and Meriam Streets and Labauve Avenue.  The updates may also require the installation of new gates, signage and flashing lights at some other crossings throughout the city.

“It’s going to be a mindshift and an adjustment for the people if we do anything,” Reeves said in May, “but it’s very, very noisy.”

Reeves still believes the implementation of the Quiet Zone will continue even without the closing of the West Street crossing.

Plaquemine City Park upgrades are expected to be complete by the end of the month, according to Reeves.  After several lengthy delays due to constant rain in the month of June, the $500,000 improvement is back on track and near completion.

Recently, over 100 yards of concrete has been poured, and the rubberized surface that will be laid on the concrete is expected to be delivered by July 24 and installed before the end of the month.

Laying the rubberized surface is a very specialized procedure requiring the expertise of a firm that handles this work, a city spokesperson said.  Work is also underway to move the T-ball fences up more to make room for the walking trail. Construction of the pavilion and concession booth has begun.

Reeves also updated his Selectmen on the levee top walking trail.  Reeves said the city has met the July 1 deadline for submitting a bid.  “We’ve got a wonderful plan for the top of our levee,” Reeves added.  “We feel pretty good about this meeting we had…and about the agenda.  We will hopefully get some good news by the end of this year.”

The plans for the project extend from north Plaquemine to the ferry landing, about 1.3 miles in length.  “This recreational trail will have several uses.  We envision a brick area with a small pavilion, seating and lighting at the landing area, similar to the landing at Port Allen,” said Reeves. “This will provide great river views for those attending downtown community events, such as the July 4th Hometown Celebration and other events. It will also add to our tourist attractions in the area, be used by residents for recreational walking and biking, and can also be an alternative to vehicle use for residents in the area to get to downtown facilities and businesses.”

The lighted trail will tie into the Plaquemine Lock Historic Site, the Mark A. “Tony” Gulotta Bayou Plaquemine Waterfront Park, the north Plaquemine park and the ferry landing area.