Lorraine Hidalgo was recently recognized by Plaquemine Mayor Reeves and the Board of Selectmen for another successful July 4th Hometown Celebration.

Lorraine has served as chairperson for the annual July 4th Hometown Celebration for the last 17 years and Mayor Reeves and his Board issued a public thanks for her service at their July 11 meeting.

“First I’d like to give a quick thank you to Mayor Reeves and his staff and the city council for letting me continue doing this,” Hidalgo said.  “The Celebration went very well.  We had a lot of attendants, we had good food and I think it’s going to grow.”

After addressing the Mayor and his board, Reeves surprised Hidalgo with a Certificate of Appreciation.

“It was a pleasure working with you my first year,” Reeves said.  “I think you’re the best.”

The certificate reads:

“In recognition and appreciation for the outstanding services rendered to the citizens of our community as chairperson for the July 4th Hometown Celebration annually for the last seventeen years.  Our sincere best wishes and heartfelt thanks.”