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WAKE UP CALL! Did Census hiring affect unemployment?


HOME IMPROVEMENTS: Our summer guide has tips on stylish and energy-saving window treatments, costs involved in pool installation, ways to keep your garage clean and safe, and more.

JUNE RADARFROG COUPON PAGE: The most bang for your food buck


WEEKLY NIE PAGE: Learn math with the Indy 500

MEMORIAL DAY PAGE: Tour the nation's war memorials




MEMORIAL DAY: Check out our links package of Memorial Day content. If your newspaper has something to contribute, please let us know.

THIS WEEK IN WEIRD: Lots of people behaving badly in this week's roundup of weird news as reported by GateHouse newspapers.


LOOKING UP: The sun, our No. 1 star - What is your favorite star? Your answer had better be the sun! Weekly astronomy column by Peter Becker.

ALICIA GOSSMAN-STEEVES: What does creation have to do with politics? - A recent article I read on the CBS news website has my hackles up again about the separation of church and state. And, as I’ve said before, I will say again, religion and politics do not mix.

ELIZABETH DAVIES: 'Lost' offers lesson about good, bad - It’s time for a confession: I’ve been having an affair with Jack. And Sawyer. And Ben. And Sayid. And Jin. And Desmond. And Jacob.

WOOD ON WORDS: Give yourself time to digest language - President Barack Obama says he doubts that Congress has the appetite to tackle immigration reform this year, even though a new law in Arizona has transformed it into a hot-button issue. By Barry Wood.

ASK DOG LADY: I feel guilty about leaving dog alone – Weekly canine Q&A with Monica Collins.

GEORGE LITTLE: Most of what we know about outdoors may be untrue - Most of us know less than we think we do. That’s not always our fault. Some of what we believe to be fact has been passed down from our relatives and mentors. Many of those bits of wisdom the “old-timers” handed down were based on their own — sometimes incomplete — observations, or something an “older-timer” had told them.


THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS: Q&A with John Linnell of They Might Be Giants - In the 1980s and 1990s, Brooklyn-based They Might Be Giants – John Linnell and John Flansburgh – became defining figures in the indie rock movement. Now they’re entertaining a whole new generation.

SLEIGH BELLS: Album review: Sleigh Bells’ full-length debut ‘Treats’ demands to be played loudly - Depending on how highly you value fidelity, Sleigh Bells' full-length debut marks either the zenith or the nadir of the current low-production-values-as-art-itself wave. The purposefully ugly aesthetic is not manifest here as feedback and over-drive noise used to bury sunshine melodies (a la sh--gaze bands like Wavves), but instead as dance beats, electronic blips and screaming guitar pushed well into the red, digitally-clipped beyond recognition and thrown at the listener. By Ed McMenamin.

MOVIE PROJECTIONIST: Projectionist shows how things work in the reel world - Kerasotes Theatres doesn’t have any employees classified exclusively as projectionists. But aside from the occasional weekend fill-in shift as a manager, that’s about all Jonathan Leonard does for the company. By Brian Mackey.

MOVIE REVIEW: 'MacGruber' one of best 'SNL' movies ever - There’s a question comedy lovers have been asking for decades: Will anyone ever make a good movie out of a “Saturday Night Live” sketch? So far, “The Blues Brothers” worked pretty well, but only “Wayne’s World” was an actual hit.But make room for “MacGruber,” the “SNL” spoof of the hit 1980s gadget-heavy action show, “MacGyver,” which was a bit of a spoof itself. By Ed Symkus.

MOVIE REVIEW: Silly 'OSS 117: Lost in Rio' will make you smile - The French-language sequel to the 2006 French-language “OSS 177: Cairo, Nest of Spies,” it’s the continuing adventures of French superspy Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath or Agent 117 or, as one person calls him, Double-One Seven. By Ed Symkus.

MOVIE REVIEW: Tragic story of 'Princess Kaiulani' is a tragedy in moviemaking - In the story of Hawaiian Princess Kaiulani, there is no happily ever after. She died at age 23 from what is believed to be a broken heart caused by the loss of her man, mother and homeland. By Dana Barbuto.

MUSIC SCENE: Collective Soul back thanks to 'Twilight' - For the first time in years, Collective Soul is back in the pop mainstream – and it’s all because of a little movie called “Twilight.” - When compiling the soundtrack for the popular vampire flick, the producers decided to include “Tremble for My Beloved,” a cut from the band’s 1999 album, “Dosage.” And the boys have been reaping the benefits ever since. By Jay N. Miller.


GRANLUND CARTOON: Grads following in footsteps of unemployed dads.

BILL MOYERS AND MICHAEL WINSHIP: Crude attempt to suppress free speech - Chevron, the third largest corporation in America, according to Forbes magazine, has hauled out its lawyers in a case that would undermine the right of journalists to protect the people by telling them the truth.

KENT BUSH: True libertarianism doesn’t work here - Rand Paul's libertarian leanings helped him dispose of a Republican insider in Kentucky's GOP Senate primary Tuesday. But the sun hadn't even set on his huge win before the Republican showed that he might just be Libertarian to a fault.