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News to know

Not long after Libya officials confirmed the death of deposed dictator Moammar Gadhafi, details began to emerge about how he was caught. NATO forces had a hand in the victory, disabling Gadhafi’s fleeing caravan. Rebels then found Gadhafi hiding in a sewer pipe and took him into town, where he met his end.

Quote of note

"It's a tragedy for these particular animals, for no fault of their own they've been shot, and I can see how difficult that decision was for the police." - Will Travers, CEO of Born Free USA, an animal welfare and conservation group, talking about the wild animals that were shot in Zanesville, Ohio, after their owner set them free and killed himself. The reaction to the animal deaths has been one of horror but also that police acted appropriately.

Hot video

Watch as a car crashes into a shop in Sydney and hits a baby stroller (the baby is OK):


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