Plaquemine High and St. John held spring football practice games two weekends ago.

PLAQUEMINE HIGH: The PHS Green Devil staff was very pleased with the outcome of their intra-squad game. The coaches were surprised and impressed with the explosiveness of the offense as early as spring. One of the PHS mentor said the defense held its own in the workout as well and the general feeling was the Green Devils were ahead of the schedule going into Seven On Seven workouts and weight room and conditioning sessions the next couple of months.

A long pass from returning quarterback Ricky Aro to returning veteran Jaquale Smith set up a short run for a touchdown by returning running back Julius Maracalin. Later, the other squad tallied on a short pass from D’Morea Wicks to Raekwon Thomas and the receiver took off on a long 65-yard touchdown run.

The Green squad put together a long drive at the end of the workout and a 38-yard field goal by Alex Koulpasis was the finals scoring.

A crowd of over a hundred fans watched the workout.

ST. JOHN HIGH: Coach Mike Dugan said the spring workout finale intra-squad scrimmage “went as expected.”

The coach said he was pleased the way the defense went to the ball, but he noted there were mistakes on both side of the ball and corrections will have to be made. “That’s what the preseason workouts are for in August,” he noted.

“I just wasn’t surprised by anything. It went just the way I had expected after our spring workouts. We are on an expected slate as far as progress I think we will make  before the season begins,” noted the first-year SJHS head grid coach.

Dugan said both the white and blue offenses drove the ball and points might have been scored, but he kept field goal kicker Tyler St. Germain out of the workout due to a minor injury. Dugan said had he gone to the field goal situation, one or both squads might have scored points.

“No one really stuck out, but we had some consistency. Right now I think we have the kind of team that won’t go knocking the doors off opponents next year, but will be competitive and eventually consistent with execution. We have summer workouts ahead and then the preseason. That is a lot of work yet to come,” noted the coach.