The Kerkovich way is about to get a lot more twisted tonight when Christopher McDonald and Julie Hagerty pay a visit to Happy Endings as Alex and Jane's parents. The episode illuminates "how Alex became Alex, through her mother, and why Jane is the way she is, via her relationship with her father," says executive producer Jonathan Groff.

Centered on the 20th anniversary of Papa Kerkovich's mattress store, the half hour features a laugh-out-loud moment of physical comedy from Eliza Coupe, as well as a twist in the frequently mentioned role Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) has played within her family. "You get the idea that she is no longer perfect little princess" to her folks, hints Groff's fellow EP David Caspe. Maybe that's because she's yet to actually tell them that she's gotten back together with Dave (Zach Knighton), the ex-fiancé she left at the alter in the show's pilot. "Well, no parent of a bride is really too happy about a wedding that didn't happen."

One thing that has happened: The series slowly developed a loyal fanbase. So much, in fact, that the comedy was a runner up in TV Guide Magazine's Fan Favorites cover contest. "Through Season 1, I met people who liked the show a lot," recalls Caspe. "And then we heard that people were tweeting about us during the episodes, so I started watching Twitter as the show would air to see what jokes people liked the most. I still do, because I am a crazy person."

And it's not just tweets they're paying attention to. Caspe and Groff also offer thanks to the TV journalists who have found and fallen in love with the show over its often-interrupted run. "Honestly, critics and hardcore fans are the only reason we're still on the air," offers Caspe. We're Happy to help.

Happy Endings airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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