Glen Patrick and Miss Devin Dugas reigned as King Okeanos XXXIV and Queen Tethys XXXIV of the Krewe of Okeanos Mardi Gras Ball held at the Carl F. Grant Civic Center in Plaquemine on Saturday, Feb.2, 2013. Miss Dugas is the daughter of Glen and Anne Patrick.

Krewe members and their guests were welcomed to a trip down Plaquemine’s Memory Lane.  The Royal Court portrayed city leaders from the past who helped make Plaquemine the city it is today.

King Glen Patrick represented the Parade Grand Marshall Mr. Edward B. Schwing, founder of the Krewe of Okeanos, while his queen, Miss Devin Dugas portrayed Evangeline. They appeared in regal royal blue trains, trimmed in black-tipped white fur, and centered with Plaquemine city crests featuring the year Plaquemine was established. The king wore royal blue pants with a silver brocade vest embellished with fleurs de lis, The queen’s ensemble included a mermaid dress in shades of blue. Both were embellished with aura borealis.

The Ball Captains were Sissy Irwin, representing City Councilwoman Etta Lee Gulotta, attired in green lace over lime satin with a drag train of lace with peacock and ostrich feathers with matching plumes and head piece. Anne Patrick as Deputy Dot Beeson Parade Leader, attired in true parade leader fashion with a jacket of black, hot pink and gold trim with turkey feathers drag, her hat was a drum majorette with burgundy plums and Glen Patrick as Chief Tomahawk, in an orginal Indian costume with headdress.

Arriving on scene to entertain were Ladies of the Krewe, the Plaqueminettes: Carolyn Aucoin, Desiree Babin, Susan Bezet, Margaret Businelle, Tia Campbelle, Amanda Dupree, Rhonda Martinez, Tonya Orcino, Haley Patrick, and Gayle Schwing.

Rody Willis portrayed local historian Mr. Anthony “Tony” Fama, whose stories, knowledge, and collection of photographs preserved city history, Mr. Willis was in a black and lime green cracked ice smoking jacket and gold slacks cane and black fedora hat. Maudie Hunt was Miss Lolita Daigre, local teacher and the founder of the children’s Grey Monkey Parade, which has been brought back into existence by the Iberville Parish Library. Hunt was attired in Lime Green Lace over Gold Lemay, her staff and headpiece was plumes and grey sock monkey.

Children of the Krewe took part in the Grey Monkey Parade, led by Miss Lolita and Royal Parade Bearer’s Holden Bezet and Rivers Dupree. 

Mr. Gary Hebert was the founder/editor of the Greater Plaquemine Post newspaper, and was also leading preservationist in the drive to save the Plaquemine Locks State Historic Site and what later became the Gary J. Hebert Memorial Lockhouse.  Mr. Hebert was played by Ryan Comeaux attired in Champagayne brocade Dick Tracey Coat and slacks embellished with crystals and brown trims.  He escorted Shannon Simpson who was local Mardi Gras guru Ms. Brenda Comeaux, a past ball captain and krewe member who was best known for her love of hats and social media. Simpson entertained in a two-piece black lace peacock ensemble with a drag train of hot pink tissue lemay and hot pink rooster schlappen feathers, crusted with crystals and gold trim.

The founder of the Rhodes J. Spedale Hospital, Dr. Rhodes J. Spedale, and his lovely wife, “Miss Zoe,” who was a key figure in the Garden Club and other social organizations were portrayed by Beyn Schwing and Susan Landry. Schwing was attired in gold brocade scrubs and gold/orange stripped Doctor’s coat. Trimmed in gold and multi colored stones and plumes. Landry was portrayed in true social garden attire, bronze floral lace over heavy gold lemay with olive mist ruffles embellished with crystals and multi colored plume headpiece with an embellished umbrella.

Sheriff Jessel Ourso, leader and head Iberville Parish law enforcement official was represented by his son, J. Mitchell Ourso, Iberville Parish President. Agnes Landry, best known for her work with the youth of the city and the Plaquemine Youth Center, 4-H, and being on the State Cosmetology Board, was represented by Beth Bueche. Ourso was attired in a dress tuxedo crusted with gold appliqués, crystals mult colored stones, decorated cumber bun and sheriff’s badge all in colors of patriotic  red and blue. Bueche was in a red lace over heavy gold lemay off the shoulder gown With a head piece of red plumes and a 45 record.

Hunter Markins portrayed Mr. Louis Nicolosi, who was a charter krewe member, past ball captain, teacher, and founder of the Iberville Parish Museum. Joni Courtade portrayed Ms. Winifred Trabeau, also a charter member, past ball captain, and the National Grand Regent of the Catholic Daughters of America. Mr. Markins entertained the crowd in pewter and burgundy brocade jacket, burgundy vest with pewter slacks crusted with crystals multi colored stones, his hat and cane were silver with burgundy plumes.  Courtade wore burgundy lace over silver brocade petals trimmed in silver and crystals, her head piece was, burgundy, silver and black.

 Religion has been a big part of Plaquemine history. Representing the religious sector were “Monsignor” Medric Smith and “Sister Mary” Johnette Gourgues. Monsignor was attired in black cracked ice robe with a matching caplet crusted with crystals; multi colored stones, with a lemay cross on the back of the caplet, his head piece consisted of red black and off white plumes. Sister Johnette was in a black cracked ice with a center of silver lace over silver lemay and head piece of silver lace mantilla.