The big auto makers have been announcing their August sales figures throughout the day.

At this point, it looks like U.S. auto sales hit an annualized rate of 16.0 million, up from around 15.7 million in July.

This was much stronger than the 15.8 million expected by analysts.

Here's a tally of of the indiviudal automakers' stats:

Chrysler: +12% (Est. +13%) Ford: +12% (Est. +10%) GM: +14.7 (Est. 11%) Toyota: +22.8% (Est. +15%) Nissan: +22.3% (Est. +17%) Honda: +26.7% (Est. +20%) Mazda: +26.4% Mitsubishi: +24.3% Suburu: +45.1% Isuzu: +40.6% Volkswagen: -1.6% Audi: +21.5% Mercedes: +15.3% BMW: +45.7% Mini: +5.3% Porsche: +9.9% Volvo: -12.7% Jaguar: +67.4% Land Rover: +32.5% Hyundai: +8.2% Kia: +4.0%

"Stepped-up demand for trucks and crossover vehicles, combined with improved financing availability, likely propelled light vehicle sales 2.3% higher to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 16.1 million in August," said Societe Generale's Brian Jones in a note earlier this week.

Here's a long-term look at sales via Societe Generale.

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