Ashton Kutcher may have studied for months to play Steve Jobs in the "Jobs" biopic, but "Breaking Bad" actor Bob Odenkirk is taking a more relaxed approach.

Odenkirk plays Barnum LaBeaux, a Steve Jobs clone presenting "The Thing,” “The Portable Thing,” and “The Thingamabob” in IFC's upcoming sketch comedy series "The Birthday Boys." 

Odenkirk, who started out as a writer on "Saturday Night Live," is also executive producer on the show alongside Ben Stiller.

As much criticism as Kutcher got for the gig, he does a much better Jobs impression than Odenkirk. Watch below:

But this isn't the first time Odenkirk has played a Steve Jobs-like character.

In 2010, the comedian gave an Apple presentation as Steve Jobs' mustached brother, Sandy Jobs:

But you probably recognize Odenkirk more as Saul Goodman in "Breaking Bad."

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