John Schindler, a National Security Agency veteran and now a professor at the Naval War College, tweeted out a series of what he calls Spy Rules today that we consider a must read.

Schindler spent ten years in the NSA as an analyst and counterintelligence officer, and has been outspoken about the Snowden leaks – particularly because he contends that spying on foreign countries is a legitimate form of government.

First he tweeted this story about U.S. intelligence not connecting the dots of the August 21 chemical attack in Syria, saying: "Wait, you're saying intelligence work IRL is hard, complex and difficult to decipher? #noway"

He then asked and answered a question: "You know why intel neophytes always talk about "connecting the dots"? Because they have little if any clue how those dots get collected."

Schindler subsequently fired out more than 20 spy rules.

Here are most of them (in chronological order):

Schindler, citing how Snowden ended up in Russia, also believes that "Snowden is very likely an agent of Russian intelligence."

His blog can be found here, and his contributor work for Business Insider can be found here.

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