Leo, the homeless coder who was arrested early Monday morning for trespassing in a park near Chelsea Piers, has been released from jail, according to the man's teacher, Patrick McConlogue, who shared the news in a Facebook update:

Leo was released early this morning, in an incredible turn around time. He was taken to the hospital in the middle of the night for throwing up (sounds like stress) but the hearing after went quickly. Leo said, "The Police were doing their job, the officer who arrested me was just following orders and was very polite." 

We've been following the story of Leo, the homeless man who is learning how to code, from 23-year-old programmer Patrick McConlogue, who offered Leo the opportunity after a much buzzed about Medium post McConlogue wrote in August called "Finding The Unjustly Homeless And Teaching Them To Code".

Leo, who has been meeting with McConlogue every morning for the last two months and learning how to code his own app centered around clean energy, was arrested early Monday morning for trespassing. Leo was found sleeping on a park bench near Chelsea Piers after the park had been closed to the public.

McConlogue says Leo will be able to make his appearance tomorrow on "The Today Show." The two have also been approached with the opportunity to write a book based on this experience.

As of right now, Leo's personal items, including the Samsung computer purchased by McConlogue, have not been returned to him by the New York City Police Department. 

"We were told some paperwork needed to be changed for it to be released and to return at 12:00AM to talk with the arresting officer," McConlogue explained. The arresting officer, Officer Carr, was not available for comment.

To the 33,000 supportive fans on Leo's Facebook fan page, McConlogue writes:

Leo is rounding third base, the crowd is on their feet, can he make it to launching an app? My commitment [sic] to teaching him ends in three weeks (our friendship does not).

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