Morning! Here's the news of the day:

Facebook is holding its first developer conference since 2011 on April 30. Google is trying to figure out how to do search for mobile apps. It's harder because apps aren't connected like websites. Google Ventures is no longer an investor in Bustle, the woman's focused site founded by Bryan Goldberg, a co-founder of Bleacher Report. Goldberg bought out Google Venture's $100,000 seed funding. VC Ben Horowitz says the number one thing he looks for in an entrepreneur is "the willingness to think for yourself." Here's a bunch of leaked photos of what is said to be the next major HTC phone. It looks exactly like the last major HTC phone. Yahoo's big star, Katie Couric, starts her show on Friday with an interview with Mike Bloomberg. Here's a video concept for what Apple might do with the iPhone 6. Bill Simmons talks about growing Grantland. He says he needs to use ESPN more to make the site more popular. Google will release a software development kit for wearable gadgets like smart watches for Android. One problem with Android is that it wasn't designed for smaller objects. Looks like Google will fix that. There are a bunch of young actors making a living doing popular Vine videos. 

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