Evian has released the latest sequel in its popular "baby&me" campaign. You may not care about the water brand's dancing babies, but this is one of the single-biggest online ad campaigns ever.

The original "roller babies" has had more than 75 million views across all platforms. In 2011, it set a record for being the most-viewed ad of all time. A sequel, in which people see baby versions of themselves in a mirror and have no choice but to start dancing, has been viewed more than 70 million times on YouTube and was 2013's No.1 most-viewed YouTube ad.

Simply put, it is currently the single-most-important viral Web video ad campaign on the planet.

This time, Evian has tapped Spider-Man to shake his groove thing.

In the new video, Spider-Man is seen swinging around the city — as Spider-Man is wont to do — when he is confronted by what appears to be a baby Spider-Man across the street.

Spider-Man then jumps down to the street as the '90s banger "Here Comes the Hotstepper" begins playing in the background. He then meets his baby-sized doppelganger in the reflection of a store window, and a Web-based dance-off ensues.

Baby Spider-Man be like:

Here's the full ad:

The video continues Evian's 5-year-old dancing baby campaign, and follows a video released a year ago that showed adults dancing with their baby-sized reflections.

The Spider-Man video was done by the agency BETC Paris and helps promote The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which comes to U.S. theaters May 2.

GIF by Amanda Macias.

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