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Do you know why Col. Glenn Talbot is joiningAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? PauleyWith Coulson Co. on the run, Talbot will be ...

Every week, senior reporter Natalie Abrams satisfies your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to mega_scoop@tvguide.com or tweet them to @NatalieAbrams

Do you know why Col. Glenn Talbot is joining Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? - Pauley
With Coulson & Co. on the run, Talbot will be tasked with tracking them down. And it doesn't sound like he has friendly plans for our heroes should he catch them. "Longtime Marvel fans know that he's been a nemesis to anything that's organized," executive producer Jeph Loeb tells me. "I love the fact that [Adrian Pasdar] referred to him as a world-class jerk. [Our] Talbot continues that tradition."

Is Charlie going to die on Revolution?! - Hayley
These promos don't look promising, do they? Allow executive producer Rockne S. O'Bannon to throw more gasoline on the fire. "[Wednesday's episode] may not be for everyone," he says. "We're totally prepared for some of our regular viewers to come at us with pitchforks after a certain shocking event in this episode." Need help sharpening your pitchfork, Hayley?

Got any other Mad Men tidbits? What role does Megan play in the new season? - Eric
It may have looked like Megan walked out on Don last season, but she's still around in the season premiere. Her acting career has heated up, but things are still icy between her and Don. How bad is it? Well, she isn't spending her nights in the couple's swanky Park Avenue apartment.

Why is the Modern Family gang heading to Australia? - Gina
It turns out that Phil was conceived Down Under, and his mother's will earmarked some money for Phil to visit his quasi-native land. Naturally, the rest of family tags along. Mitch and Cam reunite with an old acquaintance whom they don't really like - until they realize he's kind of a big deal. "We're at lunch with him and people are taking pictures... and we realize that he's famous in Australia," Eric Stonestreet says. "We find ourselves... in his entourage and people are paparazzi-ing us. We really get sucked in and seduced by fame."

Anything Blacklist-related? - Pascal
You didn't think Red would spend all this time helping the FBI go after blacklisters without making some new enemies, did you? The hunter will soon become the hunted when Red learns that someone is dismantling his business piece-by-piece. However, the question isn't necessarily why this person is trying to rob Red of everything he holds dear, but who he or she is actually working for.

Do you have any Grey's Anatomy scoop? - Brett
There's a chance that another doctor could be leaving Grey Sloan Memorial! Remember that peds surgeon I told you about? His arrival forces Alex to re-evaluate his future. "Alex thinks, 'Maybe I need to possibly think about joining a private practice," Justin Chambers tells me. "He's starting to see that he could profit a little more than he has."

Any Vampire Diaries scoop on Bonnie? - Joshua
Her role as the anchor to the "other side" is about to get extra-complicated - and possibly fatal! "We raise the question, 'Can you even kill Bonnie? What would happen?'" executive producer Caroline Dries tells me. Fortunately, there will be strong motivation to keep Bonnie alive. "When she's in danger, the whole other side is in jeopardy, so it's a big deal to keep her safe," Dries says.

Thanks for the Once Upon a Time scoop, but what's coming up for Zelena? - Meredith
Once has been promising the Wicked vs. Evil battle for a while now, huh? Well, it's finally going to happen! "This week is the showdown," executive producer Edward Kitsis says. "We will find out why the witch is green and what she really wants." Oz-some!

Will we see more Horsemen in the second season of Sleepy Hollow? - Kiichi
Chances are very good. "We'll see even more how the four of them are tied together," executive producer Len Wiseman says. But before we meet newcomers, the show will also deepen our understanding of the Horseman we already know. "We'll see how War actually operates," Wiseman teases. "War [is] a vehicle that Jeremy uses to do his bidding in a way that is really cool and very creepy."

So Carl is totally going to go crazy on the Walking Dead cannibals next season, right? - Lawrie
While producers won't confirm that people of Terminus even are the cannibals of the comics - but they totally are, right? - Carl's dire situation will give him the opportunity to see if he truly is the monster he fears he's becoming. "Carl [is] in a pretty bad position locked in this train car at the mercy of other people, and that could lead to him being tested in other big ways," executive producer Robert Kirkman says. "There's a lot of changes left for that kid to go through."

I miss Trophy Wife! What can you tease? - Monica
Next Tuesday's episode is the freshman comedy's homage to Scandal. So, what causes Diane to channel her inner Olivia Pope? Let's just say that a semi-humiliating mistake on Diane's part causes Kate to take her place in the school's PTA, which leads to a sticky situation that needs "handling." But what we really want to know is, how will Diane look in a white hat?

Any scoop on Unforgettable? - Ronald
This Friday's midseason premiere finds Carrie and Al playing house for a case. But their flame won't be rekindled until Season 3, which premieres June 29, when Boris Kodjoe's Secret Service Agent Benjamin Hernandez makes his debut and becomes a third wheel. "They're hitting it off and it's safe to say that Al is jealous," Poppy Montgomery says. "It's bothering him, and he has to figure out if he wants to do anything about it."

Mega Rave: Say what you will about the How I Met Your Mother finale, but as someone who long hoped Robin would somehow end up with Ted, I came away feeling satisfied.

Mini Rant: However, what a waste of Cristin Milioti's considerable talents.

This week's recommendation: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (Thursday at 8/7c on ABC) Even if you haven't been watching Alice's adventure, it's probably a good idea to tune in for the series finale, especially since Michael Socha's Knave is heading to the flagship series next season. Will he still be a genie? Or do the powers that be have bigger plans for the once heartless heartthrob?

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