In recent weeks, theAmerican Idoljudges told contestantMajesty Rosethat they felt she was right on the cusp of a breakout performance. Unfortunately, viewers won't find out if that was the case, as the judgesneglected to use their saveon Majesty after she ...

In recent weeks, the American Idol judges told contestant Majesty Rose that they felt she was right on the cusp of a breakout performance. Unfortunately, viewers won't find out if that was the case, as the judges neglected to use their save on Majesty after she received the least votes on last Thursday's spisode. But there's no hard feelings from the 22-year-old.

"I think my performance was save-worthy," Majesty tells "But I know it's a tough decision for them to make, because there's so many great contestants. I can't say that I deserved it more than anyone else, because we all worked really hard to get where we are."

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Though she disputes Jennifer Lopez's assertion that she was "singing from a place of fear" for the past couple of performances, Majesty agrees that her best performance was when she sang Pharrell Williams' "Happy" during Rush Week.

"I think where I was emotionally, I did the best that I could," she says of her overall run on Idol. "I don't have any regrets with song choices or the way that I performed ... I'm just really happy that fans actually voted for me. It was surprising that I actually had fans vote for me, because I never saw myself as an artist. ... I didn't even sing at venues to promote myself. It was really just me singing at nursing homes and for my preschool kids and at churches. I just sing in my community. So it was very surprising, a good surprise, that people actually liked me and they believed in me, sometimes more than I did."

Check out Majesty's answers to our American Idol exit interview lightning round below. Do you think the judges should have used their save on her?

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1. Name three albums you would bring with you to a desert island. It would be Mylo Xyloto by Coldplay, Brooke Fraser's latest album Flags, and I would choose Zion, by Hillsong United.

2. What was the first album you fell in love with? I listened to Michael Jackson a lot when I was younger. I really liked Thriller and when he did "Remember the Time."

3. If someone wanted to torture you with a song on repeat, what would it be? ProbablyMiley Cyrus' song "We Can't Stop."

4. Name a song you wish you'd written. That would be "Flags" by Brooke Fraser.

5. If you could duet with anyone living or dead, who would you pick? I would pick Chris Martin.

6. What's your most embarrassing karaoke or singing experience? When I was younger, I had to sing this song and it was a duet. So, one girl had the first verse and I had the second verse. And it was my turn and I forgot the whole thing, so I just didn't even sing. I was just standing there laughing, but I was really sad. I was really embarrassed. It was at a church. It was a huge church. It was, like, a thousand people.

7. What's your favorite album or song that you're listening to currently? I like the song "Wildest Moments" by Jessie Ware.

8. What song or artist made you want to be a singer? I think it was probably Beyonce.

9. What's your biggest musical guilty pleasure? Probably something from Nicki Minaj, honestly.

10. What's one song you would have loved to perform on Idol that you didn't get to? I would say it would be "Flags." I was practicing that, because I was going to do it in just a couple weeks.

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