Good morning!

It's the start of Q2, which is fun. But, because it's April 1, there are a lot of April Fool's jokes out there. Be careful! Don't trust everything you read, and be especially careful with Google, those guys do over a dozen April Fool's jokes every year. 

Now, on to the news:

Apple is reportedly starting to manufacture a 4.7-inch iPhone screen in May, while a 5.5-inch screen will come later. Apple is reportedly having trouble making the 5.5-inch screen. Yahoo is in talks to buy News Distribution Network, a video site, for $300 million. CEO Marissa Mayer has been interested in buying some sort of video site for a while now. Microsoft stock is at a 14-year high. Super smart investors Bill Gurley and Fred Wilson are unimpressed with the anonymous app trend. Gurley thinks it will be hard to monetize. Wilson thinks it's a fad in reaction to Facebook's success. Dating site OKCupid is telling users not to use Firefox. When you go to OKCupid on a Firefox browser, there's a message saying that the CEO of Firefox's parent company Mozilla supported anti-gay marriage legislation. The online ad world is "due for a correction" as mobile becomes a bigger part of our lives, argues respected ad guy Ian Schafer. Microsoft cut its cloud computing prices to match Google and Amazon, which both cut their prices. You can watch George Lucas talk about how he invented light sabers here. Toy car company Anki is actually working on advanced robotics, and it thinks it's solved three of the major problems with robotics.  Photos of San Francisco's Billionaire Row.  For more tech news, follow us on Facebook!

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