Bill O'Reilly has had a change of heart. 

One year after saying Tesla, which in its earliest years took Energy Department loans, had wasted taxpayer dollars, the Fox News host praised the electric car maker, picking up on a "60 Minutes" piece about the wild success of the firm.

Calling it a "gamechanger," O'Reilly said Tesla is a model for the renewable energy movement that will help put pressure on traditional automakers to come up with cleaner, cheaper vehicles. 

Thanks to StreetInsider for the tip:

Here's what he said:

"I'll give you one concrete thing that all responsible people should be rooting for. On "60 Minutes" last night they reported on the Tesla electric car, which is a gamechanger. The car runs extremely, well looks good, and doesn't use gas — no gas at all. Now that car in the next few years could be available to millions, at a decent price."

"So everybody on the planet should be rooting for Tesla — I mean everybody, even traditional car companies that will have to compete. If Telsa can make a clean car the entire automotive industry can.

"Therefore the air cleaner everywhere, and our wallets, thicker. So let's get on it people!"

"But there will be resistance. Many conservatives don't believe in global warming, and oppose alternative energy. I hope you guys rethink the energy part. I agree many in the green lobby are self righteous, arrogant, and dumb. But we'd all be better off if clean, cheap energy becomes the norm. And that's the truth."

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