Rick Caruso, the founder and CEO of Caruso Affiliated, a privately held real estate company, wrote in a recent LinkedIn post that success doesn't come easy. There's no magical formula for achieving it, he says — and most people become successful "by falling over and over again."

But there are certain steps you can take, or rules to follow, that can help, he says.

Caruso outlined the 10 rules for success that have been very effective for him. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. “Zig” when others “zag.” “When everyone is telling you to go one way, take that as a sure sign you need to find another,” he says. Any successful person knows that they didn’t win by always playing by someone else’s rules. “Remember, what has worked for others might limit your success or stymie your originality.”

2. Never sit still. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t physically sit still. It means you should never let your mind or body become idle without purpose, Caruso explains. “Some of the most active moments of your day might appear to be a waste of time to others — like taking a long walk in the morning or finding a quiet place to meditate.”

3. Be flexible. What’s hot and interesting one day is old news the next, he says. To be a successful leader, you must be willing to evolve, too. Always be open to change and to listening to different perspectives. And make a point to challenge your own assumptions, Caruso says. “If you are flexible, then you can adapt. And if you adapt, then you will thrive.”

See the full LinkedIn post here.

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