Lyft just partnered with fellow startup AnyPerk to offer its drivers discounts on everything from AT&T cell phone plans to movie tickets. 

Thanks to an exclusive partnership with AnyPerk, Lyft will be able to offer dozens of perks and corporate discounts to its drivers, including 15% off AT&T wireless bills. 

AnyPerk helps put startups on par with Google and Facebook when it comes to perks.

For $5 per employee per month, startups can offer employees discounted items like movie tickets, gym memberships, cell phone plans, gift cards, and more.

This comes at a time when Lyft and Uber are going head-to-head in trying to attract drivers to their respective platforms. 

Last month, Uber drove around a mobile billboard in San Francisco with the message "Shave The 'Stache." In response, Lyft parked a truck with a sign that read, "Be More Than A Number," outside Uber's office in San Francisco.

Meanwhile, Uber is raising a massive round of funding because it's scared of Lyft.

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