We've all been there: sprinting through hordes of people at the airport as you carry your over-packed suitcase in one hand and cling for dear life onto your passport in the other. 

Now imagine that instead of frantically running through the terminal, you can simply glide past everyone on a scooter. 

A Slovenian designer, Bostjan Zagar, has come up with the "Olaf Business," a carry-on approved suitcase that holds up to 220 pounds and doubles as a scooter and trolley. The "smart curving based steering system" makes the scooter able to take extremely sharp turns and easily maneuver crowds. 

It is available for preorder on Kickstarter, and for $316, you can have your very own Olaf Business with a customized aluminum board. 

The Olaf Business is designed for the travelers who are "always on the move." 

They also have the "Olaf Urban" which is geared towards younger customers.

The Olaf Urban is designed with a removable ergonomically shaped backpack, a trolley, a steerable kick scooter, and a skateboard. 

These could be huge for the millennial frequent flyers out there.

For more information about the Olaf Business and the Olaf Urban, check out the Kickstarter project here. 

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