KFC has unveiled a radical redesign of its UK restaurants which make its interiors look more like upmarket hipster eateries than fast-food fried chicken joints.

Design Week reports that the "informal and stylish" interiors which feature exposed ceilings, butchers block tables, low-hanging copper lighting, artwork and textured brick-effect walls are set to roll out nationwide across KFC's 870 branches from March 2015.

But its Bracknell store has already received a swish makeover. 

The interior of KFC Bracknell was a clean, but a fairly drab affair.

Now it's looking far more cool.

Gone are the garish benches.

They've been replaced with smooth, timber plank tables.

The old restaurant was really lacking in zing.

Now customers can eat their Zinger Tower Burgers in style.

"Excuse me, can I get that in a brioche bun?"

There's even some on-brand artwork to look at on your way up from the bathrooms.

There are lots of uplifting slogans scattered throughout the store (not just promotions for specials).

All in all, it's a far nicer place to hang out and chomp down some chicken.

Now check out what McDonald's is doing in Australia.

Click here to have a look at McDonald's super upscale burger menu ≥≥

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