Some people think they don't need to wear a watch since they can just check the time on their smartphones.

But a watch is about more than just checking the time. It's also about style.

Since most of us dress conservatively at work and even at home, a fun watch is often the only way to subtly show off some personality.

Check out some of our favorites.

Avant Raw Black Watch

Why we love it:

Although it may sound like a contradiction, this watch is both modern and classic. 

Price: $300
Nixon Anthem

Why we love it: 

This watch's strap has a bit of muscle, without being too flashy.

Price: $450
Deja Vu White by Projects Watches

Why we love it:

Another minimalistic watch but check out those unique hands. If you're looking for something that's straight up cool, we recommend this.

Price: $130 The Gray Tryo Watch

Why we love it:

Something that isn't black! We like this watch because the silver gives off the sleek-steel look, while the orange gives it a pop of spontaneity.

Price: $100
5 O'Clock Watch by Project Watches

Why we love it:

Plain face, plain strap but there's nothing boring about this watch. It's sharp and we love that 5 on the face.

Price: $135 Ora Unica Watch

Why we love it:

If you want something that isn't too pretentious, this watch is a good pick. That swirl gives off a fun vibe.

Price: $140 Witherspoon Navy Watch

Why we love it:

And last but not least, if you prefer something brighter, we recommend this orange-and-blue watch. It'll be a great option in the summer.

Price: $135  

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