What if Don Draper and his colleagues at Sterling Cooper weren't just thinking up print ads and TV commercials?

What if the fictional ad agency fast-forwarded to 2015, and had to deal with things like banner ads, Snapchat, and the Apple Watch?

Wonder no more. Someone we assume on the agency side, but we have no idea who (and we haven't been following it for long enough to send the owner of the blog a "fanmail," according to Tumblr) has created the "Mad Men Integrated" Tumblr. It's a nod to agencies that now have to have digital skills under their belt, as well as the big Don Draper creative ideas.

There are GIFs galore of our favorite "Mad Men" characters, mostly looking befuddled at these newfangled terms and techniques.

It's like the show never finished.

Twitter users particularly on #AdvertisingTwitter are loving it.

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