If youíre a modern, remotely tech-savvy, parent who spends even a little bit of time online, then the chances are good that you know what ďLife HacksĒ are. And if you do, then you love them. On the other hand, itís entirely possible you have no idea what Iím talking about. So in the interest of those who donít know, let me rock your world.

Life Hacks, or just plain ďHacksĒ as most people know them, are nothing more than nifty little tricks, shortcuts, or novelties for managing day-to-day activities that enhance our productivity and/or make us more efficient. In other words, theyíre ingenious little ideas for doing regular everyday stuff that you canít believe you didnít think of yourself. HuffPost Comedy described them best when they called them ďclever/brilliant/ridiculous solutions to everyday dilemmas.Ē And they are, every last one of them.

Unbeknownst to me, though, ďHacksĒ have been around awhile. Since 2004, actually. (Again, unbeknownst to me.) But the weird thing is, they never really made it onto my radar until fairly recently. (What can I say? Iíve been busy.)

Now I kind of assumed I knew the gist of what they were just by using my good-old-fashioned inferring skills whenever I saw a post about a new hack scroll through my news feed. But until a couple of years ago, I didnít realize that thereís an entire world of useful hacks floating around out there. And let me tell you, my world hasnít been the same since.

See, Iím what youíd call a habitual organizer ó an efficiency freak to be more precise. Iím forever sorting and compartmentalizing and consolidating my personal little world, so itís almost like hacks were developed just for me. And now that Iíve discovered this network of brilliant ideas, Iím completely addicted.

I mean, itís amazing to me that Iíve made it this far through my life without using jumbo office binder clips to secure bags of frozen vegetables to the rungs of the shelves in my freezer? Or that I could cut down a pool noodle and make it into a door stopper. Or that when my girls were little, I couldíve put them in an empty laundry basket while they were in the tub to corral all their toys. These things are pure genius. If only hacks were around when I was a new mom? If only.

So although there are literally thousands of good hack ideas out there, Iíve scoured the Internet to find what I think are some of the most useful and ingenious hacks for parents. Hereís a list of the top 15:

Get gum out of hair or fabric using ice.
Donít cry when you cut onions if you rinse them under cool water first.
Laying a wooden spoon across the top of the pot creates a simple interrupting barrier that will stave off messes for several minutes.
Double diaper your baby when you go out of the house, that way when you need to change her diaper youíll always have a backup on hand.
Make all your sandwiches for the week on Sunday and freeze them in a Ziploc baggy. Then, pop them in your sonís lunchbox frozen and you wonít need a freezer pack. Theyíre perfectly defrosted by lunchtime and thereís no need for an ice pack.
Store all your bulky bibs on the back of your highchair with a stick-on hook.
Put a Band-Aid over an electrical outlet when youíre traveling as a quick baby-proofing trick.
To sooth teething baby gums put their pacifier in the freezer.
Use an inflatable baby pool as an indoor playpen for your baby.
Use old egg cartons for paint palettes for your kids.
Keep your bathrobe on over your clothes until you walk out the door to avoid kid messes.
Ensure toddler mittens donít get lost by sewing a long piece of yarn to each glove and then stringing the gloves through your sonís coat sleeve.
Keep a plastic cereal container lined with a trash bag in the front seat of the car as a trash barrel.
Lay down a bedsheet before your son starts playing with his Legos. Makes clean-up a snap.
Push a popsicle stick through the bottom of a foil muffin cup to ensure no dripping.

I could honestly go on forever because theyíre all so damn useful. But this is just a sampling of the best, most ingenious hacks I found (and I wasnít even looking that hard).

For more useful, top-rated hacks, visit Twistedsifter.com at http://twistedsifter.com/2015/04/55-most-useful-life-hacks-ever . Or, go to lifehacks.com or lifehack.org or Pinterest or Tumblr or YouTube. Just clear your schedule for the rest of the day because once you start checking them out, you wonít want to stop. Youíre welcome.

ó Lisa Sugarman lives just north of Boston, Massachusetts. Read and discuss all her columns at itiswhatitiscolumn.wordpress.com. She is also the author of LIFE: It Is What It Is available on Amazon.com and at select Whole Foods Market stores.