James Guerin was born and raised in Plaquemine, and claims he was the first baby born in the old Rhodes J. Spedale Hospital on Eden Street in 1945.

Even at the age of 71, James can still remember a lot of the Plaquemine area and its families’ history.  If you ask him about anyone that is from the area, he can tell you who their parents were, who they married, who their kids are and who they are related to.

He is most widely known in Plaquemine, however, as the “man that rides the bike”.

James is clearly one of God’s angels personified in a person on earth.  He is the most kind-hearted, loving, sensitive, sweetest and caring individual.  He treats everyone with the same respect, regardless of their race, relatives, background or any other means people use to discriminate.

James rides his bike as a means of transportation, but that doesn’t stop him from spreading his kindness as he regularly takes trips to the store to buy a card for someone that has fallen ill.

When he hears of someone that is sick, he immediately begins to pray and is a prayer warrior for that person and family as long as necessary.  James is even known to call friends and family to pray for that person.

Mr. Guerin not only supports sick and hurting people, he also shows his respect and support after they have passed.  If you ask the staff at Wilbert Funeral home who is the person that has attended the most funerals in Plaquemine, they would say “James Guerin”.  James has always paid his respects faithfully at as many funerals and services he can attend.  The surprising thing is that he knows most of them.

Something interesting about James is he is also a member of several different churches in Plaquemine.  He attends First Baptist Church, First Assembly of God, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church and Greater Little Zion Baptist Church.  James’ faith is in his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, not in a denomination or a congregation.  He loves each of his churches and the pastors, priests, ministers and people in each congregation.

Another amazing quality of James is his ability to detail a person’s life from memory.  He has an uncanny ability to remember special events, dates and details of friends and family members, including birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and more.  It is a priority of James to remember and recognize someone’s birthday.

James is very social and loves to be with people.  He also possesses a tremendous love for music and is a talented dancer.  He loves to laugh and extract humor from every moment and likes to occasionally sit down and enjoy an old western flick or watch The Andy Griffith Show.

James has never been married, but finds companionship in being with others.  He would say he is “Plaquemine’s most available bachelor.”

James has the tremendous capacity to see the best in life and always gives God the credit for everything he has.  His contribution to the Plaquemine community and Iberville Parish are not monetary or measurable, but are assuredly memorable by everyone he touches.

James will always be seen with a smile on his face and a prayer on his heart.  So, if you see the “man that rides the bike” around town, be sure to give him a wave, say hello and congratulate him for being named one of the 2017 Men of Iberville.