During Spring Break, a group of St. John High School students and adult volunteers once again traveled to Chinandega, Nicaragua to serve on a mission trip sponsored by the organization Amigos for Christ. 

On the seven day trip, they worked hand-in-hand with Nicaraguans to improve access to clean water for families and build schools within the local communities. 

The St. John Mission Trip team participated in activities such as placing foundations in schools located in El Chonco and La Chuscada, manually digging trenches for laying pipe to carry water to schools, and helping to construct functioning bathrooms for communities.

With service being an integral part of the school’s mission statement, this trip helps to meet the goals of St. John School in a way that also builds relationships with the citizens of Chinandega, Nicaragua. Upon return, participant Mary Claire Morel summed up the feelings of all that attended the trip by saying, “I always wondered why someone didn’t do something about that and then I realized I am someone.”