The Morehouse Parish Police Jury discussed Parish roads at their monthly meeting on Tuesday, ultimately deciding that a comprehensive plan needs to be proposed and implemented.

The biggest issue facing the Parish roads currently is the condition of Boswell Road.

Police Jury Vice President Jason Crockett said a construction company bought a lot on the road to store trucks and equipment and have been using the road, which is causing the road to implode.

"It's spreading everywhere," he said. "I don't know why they would do this on a residential road. It's becoming an issue of public safety."

Board member Norwood Harrison said the company had to haul more dirt off the lot than was expected, which caused more traffic than they anticipated.

Police Jury Attorney Jay Mitchell asked if the loads being carried by the trucks were overweight, adding that the Police Jury has jurisdiction over parish roads. Mitchell said the jury could pass an ordinance in the future to help solve the problem.

Attorney Charles Brumfield added that the jury could temporarily put up a speed limit, making the company responsible for damages.

Crockett made a motion for the council to implement an ordinance regarding Boswell Road to be discussed at the next meeting, which the board approved.

While CEO of Morehouse Economic Development Corporation Kay King discussed the monthly Economic Development Report, the condition of parish roads was also discussed.

King said she had a number of people ask if the parish was developing a comprehensive plan concerning road problems.

Police Jury President Terry Matthews said the police jury has a committee who is going to have to come out and come up with a proposed plan.

King said that voters want to know what is planning to be done.

"If we can get a comprehensive plan together and let the voters know what's going on, there are people in the Parish who are willing to help," she said.

King went on to discuss other developments in the parish, saying they are moving forward with the creation and implementation of Industrial Development Boards.

"I can't tell you how important this is for economic development," she said.

King also said Chemin-A-Haut State Park will be finished with the remodeling of their flooded cabins soon. She also told the board about the addition of bluebird nestboxes to the park, how they plan to apply for the park to be a Bluebird Sanctuary and how she hopes it will bring more eco-tourism into the area.

Parish Maintenance Supervisor Leroy Goodman discussed the moving of utilities on Bonne Idee Road Bridge as well as the possible purchase of a railroad car.

Goodman said the cost to move the fiber optic cable on Bonne Idee Road Bridge is $17,052.50. He also said the cost to purchase a railroad car would be around $7,000.

Matthews said the parish should wait on the purchase of the railroad car until more information can be gathered about the price of the relocation of the fiber optic cable.

Keep Morehouse Beautiful Executive Director Vicki Carpenter addressed the board regarding May Madness, asking permission to paint the courthouse rails and polls on the south side of the courthouse at no cost to the Parish. The board approved.

Carpenter also asked the board for $180 for bails of hay for the event.

Matthews proposed splitting the expense seven ways between board members to cover the cost, to which the board agreed.

Patricia Bordelon also spoke to the board about delays in entertainment at last year's May Madness event, explaining that they had hired a sound guy this year to bring in equipment so that musical acts would merely have to plug-in and play, meaning less delays.

She explained that the problem is that there is less electrical than is needed in the front of the courthouse. She asked the board for permission to add breakers to the outside of the courthouse at no cost to the Parish, saying that it would only help the community as a whole. The board approved the addition of the breakers to the front of the courthouse.