Morehouse Parish Communications Service District Secretary Brenda Dreher retired from the board during the meeting on Tuesday. The board approved a motion to accept Deb Williams as the new secretary for the board.

Williams was trained extensively by Dreher prior to the meeting, with notes, contact information of board members and even a drawing of where board members typically sit around the table.

The board also discussed a new computer they had purchased and a new program that will help aid communication services that is expected to be completed by the first of May. They also discussed who may have access to the information and the computer's hard drive.

Board member Ted Parker introduced street signs made out of fiberglass, instead of the usual aluminum. Parker said the signs are $1 cheaper per sign, and he expects the letters and numerals to stick to the fiberglass signs better than they have been to the aluminum signs.

Dreher said she would usually order 150 signs at a time. Parker made a motion to approve the order of 150 fiberglass signs, and the board approved.