Starr Homeplace, Heritage and Creativity Center, a plantation and grounds, is holding its annual Hammer-In Saturday, April 14.

Starr Homeplace, located in Oak Ridge, is a plantation with farmland containing 19 mini-museums. It is a place where people can explore history and where craftsman such as woodworkers and blacksmiths can practice their work. It was opened by Curator Rolfe Starr in 2002 after the death of his wife, Starr.

“It is a memorial to my wife Starr who was interested in craftwork,” Rolfe said. “We encourage craftsmen to come here and do what they do, whether it me blacksmithing, woodwork or other activities.”

Blacksmithing has become one of the more popular activities, which is apparent by the turnout for the Hammer-In. The Hammer-In is an annual event hosting blacksmiths from around the country who come to practice their craft and demonstrate for the community. Visitors can even try smithing for themselves.

“Beginners can try crafting simpler things like a hook or fire tool,” Rolfe explained.

There is a limit on how many can give it a try, however, because they only have so many forges.

Blacksmithing isn't the only craft the event has to offer, however. Visitors can also see woodworking and other types of artwork.

There is usually a good turnout, and Rolfe said they usually can get from 50 to 150 people. A number of visitors have taken an interest in smithing and end up attending classes offered at Starr Homeplace.

The Hammer-in is open to the community for a cost of $5. People are encouraged to come out and explore smithing and the other types of craftsmanship being demonstrated.