In Washington Square, on South Washington Street sits the Snyder Building, a beautiful piece of architecture with two stories and a yellow storefront, and the building was first opened this week in 1925.

Built by the McBride Construction Company of Bastrop, it was one of the most modern buildings at the time. It was constructed to be fireproof and reinforced concrete was used for the floors, roof and framework. The outer part was made of bricks and hollow tile. The front of the building was made Italian style with a stucco finish and featured the store name engraved in the windows. The building still retains many of these features today.

It opened April 8, 1925 housing Chas. Snyder's Department Store. Snyder first opened his store in 1899 with his father and the new building marked its third location. The first floor held clothing and household goods, while the second held furniture. The store was a handsome addition to the square and the pride of Snyder who had been in business 25 years already and was doing very well for himself.

An open house was held on opening day which drew a decent crowd of people. The store was decorated with flowers sent by business friends, and Snyder received many letters and telegrams from around the country congratulating him on his new business endeavors.

Today the building still stands, though it has seen some change over the years. It still looks much the same, however, and is currently up for sale. The building, though older, still holds its former beauty, and its history is still present in the form of Snyder's name still engraved in the glass windows.