The City Council of Bastrop discussed the future of the abandoned Ditto building at their monthly meeting on Thursday.

Mayor Henry Cotton said the Ditto building has been vacant for 20 years, and he wants to put that building back into service.

A resolution authorizing the City of Bastrop to make an application to the USDA Rural Development Program for a grant in order to do both a feasibility study and engineering on the Ditto building was introduced by Cotton.

The resolution was approved by the board, with a $5,000 cap for expenses related to working on the building.

Another resolution brought before the board regarded authorizing the mayor and the City of Bastrop to donate a 1998 Ford Ambulance to the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office.

Bastrop Police Chief Allen Campbell said the ambulance was donated to the city and had been used as a rescue and response vehicle. Campbell made the recommendation to honor the Sheriff's request to donate the ambulance to the Sheriff's Office. The board approved the donation of the vehicle.

Another resolution introduced would authorize the City of Bastrop to adopt the ad valorem millage rates for the 2018 tax year. No action was necessary at the meeting. The board plans to revisit in May or June to potentially make a decision about the renewal.

The board also approved the creation of a Utilities Advisory Commission, which will have its first meeting in May.

Thursday's meeting also included Larry James, a residential building designer from Monroe, who introduced and discussed plans to repair the roof of the Bastrop City Hall building.

"When a roof goes, the building isn't far behind," James said.

James went on to explain that the repairing of the roof would happen in phases. No decisions were made regarding proposed plans regarding the roof.