Prairie View Academy is announces they have raised almost $7,000 in Scholastic fundings to help go towards improving their old library.

PVA Librarian Kerigan Swain said she is passionate about this project, and wants to thank parents and staff for the support.

"We have an outdated library," she said. "We raised the money by having extra book fairs each semester. Scholastic gave us bonuses for that. This is my first year as librarian here, and the kids expressed that they would really like to have some new books in the library."

So far PVA has added 300 new books to their shelves, with more updating to go.

"We plan on getting some new bookshelves and making the library look new and updated," she said. "We have a really good bunch of kids who enjoy reading. Half of our library is full of chapter books from the 70s and 80s. The kids are struggling to get their AR points. So we have been clearing the shelves of the old books and replacing them with newer books the kids enjoy reading."

Kerigan said the school has been choosing a grade every month and purchased books specifically for that grade.

"We have a lot of work to go but hope to continue adding to the collection in the future," she said.