By a vote of four to three, David Gray was voted in as the new Superintendent of Morehouse Parish Schools Thursday night.

The Morehouse Parish School Board held a special board meeting for the purpose of electing the new superintendent following a previous special meeting May 22 in which the public was introduced to the candidates and be a part of the interview process. Only two of the four original candidates were in attendance at the forum, Jesse Winston Jr., the current Title I Director, and David Gray, principal at Union Parish High School.

In order to go into executive session to discuss the candidates, a motion, second and affirmative vote must be heard. Board member Louis Melton made the motion with Chastity Kennedy seconding. Member Chip Rawls expressed his opinion that he did not feel it was necessary to do any further talking, stating, “I think we’ve heard everything.”

“There are things that are gonna be said that will be viewed as ugly by the public,” Melton said. “Some things have to be said.”

A roll call vote of four to three sent the board into the session, which lasted approximately 30 minutes.

Upon return, the board voted to set the term of the Superintendent to begin July 1, 2018 and end June 30, 2020 and fix the salary as was stated in the contract.

Nominations for the position opened with Rick Hixon nominating Gray and Melton nominating Winston. As Gray was the first nominated, a roll call vote was then held with the following: Karen Diel, Colby Daniels, Rick Hixon and Chip Rawls voting for and Rose Thompson, Louis Melton and Chasitity Kennedy voting against.