Scattered rains have helped the corn crops in Morehouse Parish overall, Morehouse LSU AgCenter Chairman Richard Letlow said.

"Even though we had some strong winds recently and the stalks were bent, the scattered rains helped the corn," he said. "It got dry about two weeks ago and the corn was starting to twist, so the rain was definitely a benefit."

Letlow said the critical point for the corn crops will come in the next one to two weeks when the corn begins to "make the tassel," or the ear.

"That is when the corn uses the most water," he said. "It can use up to one-third of an inch of water during this time, per day. So, a general rain would really be good. If we don't get one farmers will have to irrigate every five to seven days to keep the crop up."

The soybean and the cotton have been planted and are looking good, Letlow said.

"The crops look good and clean," he said. "The critical point for soybean and cotton is not for another three to four weeks. Summer is on the way, but all the crops look generally good now. We will need another good rain soon."