The Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office received a call on a disturbance south of town on Sunday morning around 7 a.m.

Brandon Burrell, 34, was reported to have been demanding a cigarette lighter outside of a convenience store on Highway 165, and causing a disturbance. Police located him walking down the road with a marijuana plant clinched in his hand. He was arrested and transported to the Morehouse Parish Jail. While at the jail, Burrell allegedly refused to give officers his identification, and was combative with police.

Sheriff Mike Tubbs said officers placed Burrell, who has an extensive criminal history, in a holding cell for him to calm down. While in the holding cell Burrell began flooding the room. When the officers tried to remove him he became more aggressive.

Burrell then allegedly tossed dirty toilet water at the officers and threatened to kill them. He also threw his food tray at one officer, causing an injury, and battered another.

He was charged with possession of marijuana, battery of a correctional officer, property damage, resisting arrest, four counts of battery of a correctional officer with body fluid, aggravated battery of correctional officer and terrorizing.