Warmer weather brings more criminal activity at night time because it's easier for people to be out in the evening, Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office Chief James Mardis said.

Monday evening five vehicles were reported to have been burglarized on the 1000 block of States Street, off Peach Orchard Road.

Mardis said the vehicles were more than likely all left unlocked. Fortunately, the burglars were only able to steal petty cash, sunglasses, cologne, smart watches and other small items, but Mardis said the best way to have prevented this crime would have been to simply lock the doors.

"There are no suspects at this time," he said. "The burglars went through all the vehicles in that area that were unlocked. People are out more at night now. It is warmer and there is more foot traffic."

Mardis said to never leave anything valuable in your vehicle, such as guns, even if your doors are locked.

"Take your guns and valuables into the house at night, even if your door is locked," he said.