The Bonne Idee Water Board held a meeting on May 22, at which the last two remaining members of the original board – President Bill Stephenson and board member Roger Gibson – resigned. Secretary for the Bonne Idee Water Board and employee at the Bayou Bonne Idee Water System Payton Ashley-Harper also resigned from both positions, as did Michael Harper, another employee at the Bayou Bonne Idee Water System.

Newly elected Bonne Idee Water Board members David Thomas, Jimmy Laing and Randy Kellick remain on the board. Thomas now acts as President of the Bonne Idee Water Board, and Randy Kellick acts as Vice President.

Thomas said the board made several decisions at the meeting that resulted in the resignation of the other members.

Thomas said the board approved the hiring of a new accountant in order to do an audit, which had not been done in years. The board also made the decision to rehire two employees that formerly worked with the Bayou Bonne Idee Water System. One of the rehired employees was formerly fired by Ashley-Harper, and the other rehired employee had resigned due to the behaviors of the previous board and water company employees.

Upon the approval of the rehires by the board, Stevenson, Gibson, Ashley-Harper and Harper turned in their keys and resigned from both the board and the company.

Thomas said the next board meeting will be at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 26, to elect new members to the Bonne Idee Water Board.

"Things are looking up," Thomas said. "I'm excited. We are trying to get good quality water. Things are going to get better, and we have friendly people working in the office now. It'll take time to get to where we want to be, but with dedication and solid goals, I know we'll get there."

Stephenson, who resigned at the meeting, confirmed that he, Gibson, Ashley-Harper and Harper resigned at the May 22 meeting.

"They brought in some people we didn't care to work with, so we resigned," Stephenson said. "This is what the people want. They got what they wanted, and I hope they are happy."

Gibson, Ashley-Harper and Harper were unavailable for comment at press time.