On Wednesday, August 14, 2018, during the City Council meeting, Mayor Ed Reeves read the proclamation recognizing the 50thanniversary of Plaquemine Bank & Trust Company and designating the day as Plaquemine Bank & Trust Company Day. 

Stephen Panepinto, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO thanked the Mayor and Board of Selectmen for this honor and introduced the Plaquemine Bank Directors and Officers in attendance.  

He highlighted the Bank’s commitment to Plaquemine and explained the significance of their slogan “We Love It Here!” “Plaquemine Bank and Trust Company is dedicated to the people of Plaquemine and Iberville Parish. With one location, the Bank’s entire 50-year history has upheld the legacy of outstanding customer service to the residents and businesses of the City of Plaquemine offering the community the latest in banking services and the ability to serve the community’s financial and lending needs. Plaquemine Bank is a locally owned and operated bank and will continue as such,” explained Panepinto.

Panepinto introduced everyone in order of their years of service. Board members included: G.W. Banta, who has served on the Board of Directors since Plaquemine Bank’s inception on April 1, 1968, with 50 years’ service; Steve Panepinto with 32 years’ service on the Board of Directors; Kenny C. Caruso with six years; Harry “Skip” Phillips and Leo Sternfels, who have each served four years; and, newest board member, Mark Graffeo with one year of service. 

Unable to attend were John Gum and Frances D. Durand, who have 39 and 24 years of service, respectively. The average length of service for Plaquemine Bank’s Board of Directors is 20 years.

Officers in attendance were: Liz B. Rivet with 44 years of service; Caroline Causin with 41 years of service; Steve Panepinto with 35 years as an employee; Rhett Vaughn who has been at Plaquemine Bank for 28 years; Totsie Tempanaro with 26 years; Janet B. Campo, 21 years of service service; and newest lending officers Corey Sarullo, 2 years, and Kirk Maynard, Chief Lending Officer, who has been at the Bank for one year. 

Though highly unusual in the banking industry, Plaquemine Bank’s officers average length of service is 27 years! Panepinto attributes this to the family-like atmosphere and the team’s dedication to community.

Mayor Reeves presented Stephen Panepinto with an honorary plaque and the entire group commemorated the event with a photograph. Plaquemine Bank and Trust Company is a locally owned and operated financial institution. For additional information, visit www.plaqbank.com.