Local Addye M. Mitcham worked for many years as an editor at the Bastrop Daily Enterprise, and her retirement was announced this week in 1992.

Mitcham began working at the Enterprise in April of 1947 taking on the job as editor. At the time she was the entire news staff. She later served in various positions such as society editor, farm page editor, and sports and feature editor. She was named news editor when the paper was sold to Smith Newspapers eight years prior to her retirement.

During her time at the Enterprise she covered President Ronald Reagan's visit to see the flooding in Monroe and interviewed Dr. Joyce Brothers who had traveled to Monroe to advertise a children's clothing brand. She attended school board meetings, District 4 Court trials, and covered various local elections.

Two of her stories were even featured nationally extending into Canada. This included a story about a former police jury attempting to save money by ending the purchase of tissue paper for the courthouse offices after which gifts of tissue and corncobs came flooding in. The other story was of a young man from Goodwill who caught grapes, which were thrown from a long distance, in his mouth. The young man was featured on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Mitcham won a number of awards from the Louisiana Press Association as well as several local organizations. In 1983 she received the Spirit, Pride, and Progress award from the Morehouse Chamber of Commerce. In the 1980s she was named Businesswoman of the Year by the Bastrop Business and Professional Women's Club.

It was announced that, although she would be retiring, she would still work part-time covering Police Jury meetings and occasional feature stories, publishing the recipe column, and covering some other local events.

A retirement reception was held for her at the Enterprise office on December 31. A number of well-wishers stopped by to offer their congratulations.

Mitcham passed away some years ago, but her memory still lives on at the Enterprise, not just through stories, but through her son, Marq, who is the current Sports Editor for the paper.

Mitcham played a big part in the paper's history, and it's a legacy that won't soon be forgotten.