The Zoey Renee Project, a project created to help prevent SIDS, was able to gift 12 Owlet monitors to Anna’s Lollipop Lane on Friday, December 21. 

The ZRP was founded after the Salters lost their six week old daughter to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) in 2016. Their goal is to monitor as many babies as possible to hopefully prevent other parents from going through what they have been through.

About 20% of SIDS cases occur in the daycare setting, but unregistered daycares do not have to report infant loss in every state so the number is much higher. Anna’s Lollipop Lane was chosen because the Salters believe in giving back to their hometown. What better way then by monitoring some of its youngest members.

The Owlet monitor’s the baby’s heart rate and oxygen level. While one can not say the monitor will prevent SIDS, it is a great intervention to have in place.

The ZRP is a non profit and relays on donations. The Owlet company matches the ZRP one for one. Each monitor cost $300, and since the founding of the ZRP they have been able to gift over 400 monitors.

Donations can be made through through paypal at

A gumbo cook off will also be held on January 26th at Willies Food Truck Place. To enter please email