"I just took a chance and wrote to channel 9," Dean said. "From the interview there until now has just been an overwhelming deal."

Due to the kindness of the Louisiana community, St. Amant couple Dean and Verna Bourgeois are moving into a new home this week.

The Great Flood of 2016 caused them to retreat to their home's carport in the New River canal area. They have had to make due underneath tarps and wood planks. They have been showering in a shed with a garden hose, etc. Think laundry. Think last year's snow storm.

"We've been living in this, what you see, for over two years," Dean Bourgeois said. "I didn't know how to get away from it."

In case you are wondering, with the little money they received for aid, they purchased a trailer home from Mississippi that arrived in unlivable condition. That was that. They were in trouble. Part of Dean's leg has been removed from diabetes and gangrene.

Meanwhile, Verna has actually kept a great attitude, said to be joking about not having a clothes dryer that makes a bunch of noise.

Not having lost all hope yet, Dean Bourgeois wrote a letter to TV station WAFB asking for help. The news team ran a story, which changed Dean and Verna's lives.

"I just took a chance and wrote to channel 9," Dean said. "From the interview there until now has just been an overwhelming deal."

A member of the community, Brandie Brignac, immediately spearheaded a rehabilitation effort after seeing the story on TV. She said she just showed up and knocked on their swinging door, a makeshift wooden door with a wire screen and worn mini blinds that moves back and forth with each wind.

A cowbell is screwed to the frame outside that reads "DOOR BELL" above it, written with a marker.

Brignac, with ties to the Cajun Navy 2016, the Cajun Army, Sick-Speed Car Club and other charitable groups with outstanding reputations began looking for item donations. The medium Brignac used was Facebook.

That's when Trina Scott Edwards, wife of former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards noticed the Facebook post and got on board. Within no time, the Edwards's had raised enough money to get Dean and Verna a brand new home. With a washer and dryer.

The Edwards's are humble about their contribution. "It was the easy part," Trina said. "The real challenge is getting everything else done."

Further, Brignac urges people in the community that are interested in helping not to donate to fundraising sites like Gofundme.com. Last week a Gofundme site looking for $25,000 dollars to help the Bourgeois' was removed from the site, suspected of fraud.

"There are people out there that are setting up Gofundme accounts that are not associated with the Bourgeois family," Brignac said.

Brignac can be reached at 225-588-2064 if you are interested in helping now. She has also posted Amazon wishlists to her Facebook page.

"All we're asking for is volunteers and items donated," she said.