Oak Grove returned to the Crescent City after a 40-21 loss to Kentwood last year, while White Castle's previous appearance was in 2010 when Head Coach Ferrante Dominique led the 11-4 Bulldogs to a 32-20 win over Ouachita Christian.

As the returning runner-up from last year's title game, the Oak Grove Tigers proved to be too much for White Castle.

The Tigers (11-3) jumped out to a 41-12 lead in the first half, eventually claiming a 55-12 over the Bulldogs (9-4) in the Allstate Sugar Bowl/Prep Classic held Saturday afternoon in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

Oak Grove returned to the Crescent City after a 40-21 loss to Kentwood last year, while White Castle's previous appearance was in 2010 when Head Coach Ferrante Dominique led the 11-4 Bulldogs to a 32-20 win over Ouachita Christian.

The Tigers claimed their fifth state championship. Oak Grove's last title was in 2001.

White Castle Head Coach Aaron Meyer, in his third year, expressed his pride in his team during the post-game press conference.

"People may criticize, but these guys have been doing this all year - fighting to win the ball game and giving everything they have," Meyer said. "Everything they did was to make a play and give 110 percent effort. There's not a mistake I would take back. I would fight and go to war with them. If that's what they did, I'd sit here again."

He acknowledged Oak Grove's size as a factor for the Bulldogs.

"They were true to what they do. They were a bigger team. The size on film doesn't pay tribute to what it is. They're a larger group. We fight that battle week in and week out. We try to play teams in the top half of our division because Class 1A football is just as good as any other division."

Three key White Castle players were available for comment after the game. At first they were upset about the sting of the loss, but would eventually open up and express their pride for their teammates. 

"I just didn't have a great day today," quarterback Javier Batiste said early in the conference.

Marcus Williams was named Outstanding Player for the Bulldogs, as he rushed ten times for 177 yards. He scored on a pair of touchdown runs on carries of 60 and 65 yards in the second quarter.

"It was kind of tough. They were really containing, and I had to bounce it out a little bit more. Luckily, the wide receivers picked up their blocks and allowed me to score," Williams said.

The Tigers set the tone on the opening kickoff when they recovered a fumble at the 15. Two plays later, Ron Craten ran left for a 2-yard touchdown.

On the next drive, Otis Moore collected an interception to set up Craten to score again on a 1-yard carry.

Craten went on to be named the game's Most Valuable Player, logging 159 yards on 23 carries.

When Moore tacked on a 1-yard touchdown run late in the first quarter, the Tigers held a 21-0 lead.

Despite the early adversity, the Bulldogs never backed down.

"They believed," Meyer said. "They love each other. They work as hard as they possibly can. They fight until the end. We just kind of ran into a wall we couldn't break down."

Moore scored a second time on a 7-yard run, then nose guard Bert Hale electrified the Oak Grove faithful who made the trip down from northeastern Louisiana.

Hale, a 6-foot-3, 325-pound senior, snagged an interception and rumbled 46 yards down the left sideline for a touchdown.

Just before the half, Bud Holloway caught a 48-yard touchdown pass from Braden Sullivan.

Oak Grove was able to shut out the Bulldogs the rest of the way, and tack on a couple of scores.

"I don't have any negative comments to make about the situation, or an excuse," Meyer said. "If you want to pin it on anybody, pin it on me. I'm 110 percent proud of them. I'm going to put on that White Castle T-shirt and walk out of here with my head held high."

Playing under the lights of the Superdome did not affect Jashone Landry, for one.

"It was just a regular game to me," Landry said when asked about the added attention a championship game brings.

After a few minutes of talking with members of the media, Batiste opened up more and shared what the team meant to him.

"I'm going to miss them. This was the best season of my life playing football. I started playing football in the seventh grade. This is the first time I made it this far. I was a leader, and it made me a better man. I'm proud of myself and everybody else too. I'm proud of the whole team," Batiste said.

"You gotta love each other," Meyer added. "In times of despair like this, you gotta love each other even more. You have to hug harder."

Oak Grove Head Coach Ryan Gregory said he noticed a difference in his team since last year's Superdome appearance.

"Last year we did a good job preparing for the trip, but I didn't do a good job preparing us for the actual game," Gregory said. "You could tell this week was different. The guys at practice weren't talking about the Dome, they were talking about the game against White Castle."

Oak Grove controlled the time of possession, which was 32:38, compared to White Castle's 15:22. Gregory said keeping the ball away from the Bulldogs' offense was key.

"We knew how much speed they had. And it showed how much they had. We have been fortunate to have some bigger guys. That's what we're known for. I wanted to make a point to talk about our speed a little bit too. It kind of gets overlooked since we have such big guys."

Gregory gave credit to the Bulldogs for hanging tough after the Tigers' early lead.

"I thought they did a great job of battling back," he said. "You could feel the momentum starting to shift. Our guys did a good job of clamping down and reclaiming the momentum."