Essential services provided through Iberville Parish Government resumed Monday, but with a shorter work week, Parish President J. Mitchell Ourso said. Monday.

Employees in the Department of Public Works, Animal Control and Utility Department – along with the field personnel in those departments – returned to work on a schedule of 10-hour work shifts four days a week. The schedule will remain intact until further notice.

It does not mean other services have resumed in normal capacity.

The administrative staff in the Iberville Courthouse will continue to work from home. Nonessential services – tourism, civic centers, and parks and recreation – remain shut down.

The parish must eventually return to its home base, however Ourso said.

“We can’t just sit there knowing that my office and the Parish Council will have to have some kind of Phase 1 field of getting the courthouse tweaked and getting it opened,” he said. “That’s what we’re going through now, lessening the risk for public officers – and for other offices such has sheriff, district attorney, assessor, judges and so on – and people going into the courthouse versus employees going there every day, and people in to do business there every day.”

Ourso said he is working to implement guidelines about how to prepare for the return to the courthouse.

“I’m more or less going to follow the governor’s route,” he said. “Our parish still has high numbers (of cases).”