B.J. Guzzardo was ever present at all of the championship events for many years as the LA. High School Athletic Assn. Asst. Executive Director.

The rest of the year he was hard at work behind the scenes.

It wasn’t hard for me to pick out B.J. at events. I worked with him for a school year when he was the football head coach at White Castle High.It was not too long after that he moved to the LHSAA to help lead the system for 28 years.

Guzzardo was instrumental in putting Kentwood High on the map in prep football, winning state titles in 1983 in 1A and 1986 in 2A, along with a runner-up title in 1981. He grew up in nearby Independence, where he was a prep star on the gridiron.

Some thought Guzzardo was a gruff, stoic person. He seemed to be so busy keeping things organized during events; he had a sober look on his face when you first approached him. But, when he saw it was me walking up, I got a smile and a brief conversation…and certainly quick help, if I needed it. He was there for me after we worked together to support WCHS way back when. We bonded.

The LHSAA lost a true soldier to retirement; but his family, especially his grandchildren, has gained his good-hearted attention. 

Best go with you, Coach Guzzardo.