East Iberville Lady Tiger Myeisha Cummings recently returned from a week-long volleyball camp in Australia in hopes of bringing the skills she learned to the hardcourt this upcoming school year.

Myeisha is a junior at East Iberville High and has been a member of the EIHS volleyball team since her freshman year.

Myeisha’s journey down under all began when she received a letter at her school inviting her to participate in the 19th annual Down Under Volleyball Tournament in Australia sponsored by Down Under Sports.

At first, she did not think it would be possible, but with a little help with from her coaches, friends and family members, Myeisha raised the funds possible to afford the trip.

Her family and friends spent the better part of the month of May selling raffle tickets and plate dinners in hopes of buying the once-in-a-lifetime trip for Myeisha.

The funds were raised and Myeisha booked her flight to compete with athletes from from around the world on a conference volleyball team from July 11-19.

“This was a life changing event,” Myeisha said.  “And it allowed me to see athletes from all over the country play volleyball.”

Myeisha was the only athlete from the state of Louisiana to compete.  She was given the opportunity to practice, scrimmage and participate in tournament league play against Australian teams on the hardcourt and in beach volleyball.

“It was hard playing with new teammates and to build that kind of friendship on and off the court, but when it was game time, it was on,” Myeisha said.  She credits her coach in Australia, Jeremy Wise, with showing her plays she has never learned before and teaching her that communication on the court is key to victory.

During her free time, Myeisha spent time on the Australian beaches, touring a zoo, and shopping.

“I would like to thank my family and my friends for the fundraiser,” Myeisha said, “because if it would not have been for them, this trip would not have been possible.

“I would also like to thank all my coaches from school for all their hard work and dedication for making me the person I am today.”