St. Gabriel City Council issues mobile home moratorium

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

ST. GABRIEL – A 180-day moratorium on issuing permits for mobile homes was enacted by the St. Gabriel City Council on Dec. 18.

The adopted ordinance includes construction or siting of recreational vehicles, motor homes, mobile homes, trailers and manufactured houses and trailers.

A spike in the interest and issuance of permits designated for mobile homes and trailers within the city limits caused the council to adopt the ordinance.

City officials believe the construction or location of certain housing developments within St. Gabriel has become a serious issue that could have an unknown impact on the city, according to the ordinance.

The 180-day moratorium will provide time for further analysis of St. Gabriel’s housing development so they can adequately control growth, the ordinance states.

The moratorium also allows city officials time to outline rules, regulations and certain restrictions that will be associated with the development and siting of recreational vehicles, motor homes and mobile homes within the city limits, according to the ordinance.