LDWF advises against snares in bear country

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Plaquemine Post South

BATON ROUGE - Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries biologists have been called upon in recent weeks to release several bears caught in coyote or hog snares.

Luckily, in all of these recent situations, the bears survived.

Hog snares and some coyote snares are set with the intent to be fatal therefore they pose a significant threat to bears.

LDWF strongly recommends that trappers of feral hogs or coyotes refrain from using snares in areas of Louisiana occupied by bears including Avoyelles, East and West Carroll, Catahoula, Concordia, Franklin, Iberia, Madison, Pointe Coupee, Richland, St. Martin, St. Mary, St. Landry, Tensas and Vermilion Parishes.

The expanding population of feral hogs and coyotes has lead to an increase in the use of snares as a means to control these animals.

However, the typical snare sets for feral hogs or coyotes are ideal for capturing bears as well.

Land managers intending to control feral hogs in bear country are advised to use other means such as cage or corral traps with the required opening in the top. Coyote trappers in these areas are advised to utilize leg hold traps instead of snares.

Persons using snares to trap any animal are required to have a Louisiana trapping license.

LDWF in cooperation with the Louisiana Trappers and Alligator Hunters Association has produced a brochure that provides recommendations and additional information about use of snares in bear country available at