Louisiana enrolls 17,500 in Affordable Care Act

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

BATON ROUGE - The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reported that more than 2 million people signed up for health insurance on federal and state marketplaces by Dec. 28. In Louisiana, enrollment figures reached 17,548.

Consumers have until March 31, 2014, to enroll for coverage under the Affordable Care Act and avoid a penalty during the first open enrollment period.

To date, nearly 200 healthcare, community, business, trade and faith-based organizations from across the state have joined the Louisiana Healthcare Education Coalition as official partners in a continued effort to help better prepare Louisianians for the changes that come with the Affordable Care Act. 

The coalition was launched in an effort to address the existing void in healthcare reform information and the need for a trusted – and unbiased – source to provide this information.

Not everyone is elated.

“Over five times as many Louisianans have lost their insurance compared to the 17,548 who have enrolled into Obamacare,” U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy said. “This does not bode well for the long-term viability of the law. We need reforms which protect the health insurance choices made by Louisiana families.”

Cassidy proposed the Health Insurance Accountability Act, which repeals the Affordable Care Act once it is certified that the uninsured population is larger than it was prior.