State of the Union address leaves some wanting

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

WASHINGTON D.C - An estimated 30 million people tuned in to watch the President's annual State of the Union speech on Tuesday evening.

Of those 30 million, it's sure some of them fall among the five million who have lost their existing coverage under Obamacare or within the 3.9 million who are struggling with unemployment over 27 weeks or even the over 300,000 who left the workforce in December.

"Here in Louisiana we're left wanting for details on issues that matter to us," said Keep Louisiana Working's Emily Cornell. "The President made no mention of the Keystone Pipeline, despite citing a 'commitment to energy independence.'"

The President also spent time defending Obamacare and criticizing his opposition for failing to present alternatives to Americas healthcare issues or solutions to the current law.

"Over more than three decades, even before the Great Recession hit, massive shifts in technology and global competition had eliminated a lot of good, middle-class jobs, and weakened the economic foundations that families depend on," Obama said in his speech. "Today, after four years of economic growth, corporate profits and stock prices have rarely been higher and those at the top have never done better.

"But average wages have barely budged, inequality has deepened, upward mobility has stalled and the cold, hard fact is that even in the midst of recovery, too many Americans are working more than ever just to get by - let alone get ahead. And too many still aren't working at all."

Following the speech, Fox News anchor Bret Bair called the speech "very light on details for some of these initiatives."

The President's vagueness and omittance of topics important to Louisiana leave many wanting for a clear agenda and intent for the remaining three years of Obama's administration, Cornell said.